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  • OEM style single or double handle DPL skin rejuvenation device

OEM style single or double handle DPL skin rejuvenation device

Short Description:

  • Model Number: IPLas
  • Laser Type: None laser
  • Style: Vertical
  • Feature: Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin care, etc.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support
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    What Is IPL Technology & How Does It Work

    Intense pulsed light is a technology previously applied by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal. It wasn’t until recently that IPL devices because available to customers to purchase for use at home. The technology uses a high-powered, hand-held, computer-controlled flashgun to deliver an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light, generally in the visible spectral range of 400 to 1200 nm. IPL shares some similarities with intense laser treatments, in that they both use light to heat and kill the hair root follicle. A 2016 article in the journal "Lasers in Medical Science" compared IPL and both alexandrite and diode lasers and found that IPL technology is actually 16.72% more effective at permanent hair removal than traditional lasers. The Belle Bella IPL Device delivers as 81.98% reduction in hair growth on average for its customers and is currently the best selling at home hair removal device in the world.


    Germany technology

    we use Germany imported Xenon lamp, which has obtained many patented technologies around the world, and the minimum effective light emission is 500,000 times.
    SHR super fast painless hair removal, whitening & skin rejuvenation.Widely used for any skin type and any color hair, Can remove hair of any part of body.



    1 Hair removal
    Armpit hair,hairline,bread,whiskers,lip hair,body hair,bikini hair
    2 Skin rejuvenation
    Skin tightening and ,shrink pore,improves flexibility of skin
    3 Pigment therapy
    Freckle,chloasma,age pigment,sun burn,chorioplaque,etc
    4 Vascular therapy
    Red face,red capillary,bottle nose,etc
    5 Acne therapy
    Acne,acne scar, improve the situation of oily skin
    6 Wrinkle removal
    dispel false authenticity wrinkles,dilute the fine wrinkles

    Xenon lamp Uk imported,>flash 300000 times,core technology from Cambridge University
    AET technique High energy, 10Hz continuous flash
    Wavelength 610nm-910nm: Permanent Hair Removal
    530nm--910nm: Pigment removal, skin rejuvenation
    Light filter outside handpiece
    Spot size 8"40mm
    Pulse width 0.1ms-9.9ms
    Frequency OPT: 1-10Hz adjustable
    Energy density 1/50/ 10-130J/cm adjustable
    Cooling system Semiconductor + air + water +cooling
    Safety control Water flow, temperature alarm, electricity monitor
    Size 450mm*410mm*1140mm
    Weight 45kg

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