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The best equipment for tattoo removal

Nanosecond laser subtly crushes skin pigment through fast and powerful energy, then expel from lymph to thoroughly remove tattoo,colored patches.According to selectivity light ther-molysis theory,the shorter of laser function time, the harder of the laser energy of target tissue absorbed and accumulated diffuse around tissus.The energy is limited to the needed repair-ing target to a certain extent, it protects the normal tissue around, then the repairing selectivity is stronger.


The high peak power and short pulse duration delivers efficient destruction of he target chromophore such as tattoo ink,pigment or collagen.The electro-optic(EO)Q-Switch,acting as a high-speed shutter,stores enengy between pulses enabling the laser to pro-duce peak power output of 200MW in 6ns pulse width.It forces energy at a high rate, the target chromophores vibrate and shatter without harming the surrouding skin on all skin.


The effect of different wavelengths:

1064nm:Dermal pigment lesions and dark color tattoo removal

532nm:Epidermal pigment lesions,red,yellow,coffee tattoo removal

585nm:Blue and purple tattoo removal

650nm:Green tattoo removal


Why choose us?

1. adelic No. 1 in sales of beauty equipment on Alibaba

2. Hot selling 808 laser hair removal machine

3. Support fast delivery within three days

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5. Support product appearance customization

6. Two-year warranty


Machine advantage:

1.Adopted military Q-switched technology makes pulse width shorter, avoide damage to the skin!

2.One treatment, more than 80% skin spots can be removed!

3.Pigment is crushed into small particles by high energy, then blasted out of the body, no possibility of recurrence


Post time: Jan-07-2022