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Laser depilation–Diler Pro

The comfortable temperature in spring will not cause excessive perspiration of the skin, thus affecting the normal repair of the depilated skin. It can make the depilation effect reach the best state and make the skin more compact, tender and white.
What kind of people are laser hair removal suitable for?
1. Hirsutism caused by disorder of the endocrine system due to excessive androgen secretion;
2. Hirsutism caused by heredity or race;
3. No skin that has been exposed to sunlight or tanned recently;
4. People over 18 years old who have no scar constitution.

Advantages of laser unhairing
1. Short time: fast mode, uniform and stable continuous light, only 20-30 minutes for one treatment;
2. Noninvasive: no trauma to skin tissue;
3. Painless: only slight burning sensation in the treatment;
4. No side effects: no physical or chemical adverse reactions after treatment;
5. Stable effect: after the treatment, the effect can be maintained permanently.

How many times should laser depilate? Is the effect permanent?
Laser depilation is to irradiate human skin with laser of specific wavelength. Melanin in hair follicle will absorb these lasers and generate heat. If the laser energy is particularly strong, the hair follicles can be destroyed by the heat generated.
Laser is mainly aimed at hair in “growth period” (Adolescence) (at this time, melanin secretes the most, can absorb a lot of heat, the effect is the best). For hair in “still period” (middle age) and “degenerative period” (old age), melanin secretes less, and can not completely destroy hair follicles. When hair in this “pit” grows for a long time (Adolescence), it can completely destroy hair follicles.

Post time: Apr-08-2021