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Hair removal gold standard: no need to remove hair one year after year


The temperature is getting higher and the clothes are getting thinner. If a beautiful lady has thick body hair, she will lose her femininity. To be beautiful, hair removal is the first step. Are you ready?

Traditional hair removal method, have you ever experienced it?

1. Shaving: may scratch the skin accidentally; the speed of hair growth is too fast, every 2-3 days need to scrape again; hair may be longer and more vigorous.


2. Wax hair removal: It is often used for dense hair removal. The treatment is relatively clean, but the disadvantages are as follows:

a. It will destroy the hair follicles, causes folliculitis, etc.;

b. It is painful at the moment of tearing, usually The denser the hair, the stronger the pain;

c. The chemical synthetic drugs on honey wax can easily irritate the skin.


3. Hair removal cream: As the most popular hair removal method, it is need cleaner than a hair removal knife, but you must know:

a. It will make the hair becomes thicker

b. It will cause skin allergies

c. It will cause pigmentation.



Hair removal gold standard, multi-wavelength technology


The hair removal gold standard adopts multi-wavelength gold standard laser. The semiconductor laser emits near-infrared light waves, which can penetrate into the root of the hair follicle, heat the pigment and spread it to the whole hair follicle, which can accurately destroy the hair follicle without causing adjacent tissues. The damage is achieved by whitening and rejuvenating the skin and shrinking the pores to achieve a permanent hair removal effect.

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Post time: May-13-2021