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Micro needle Scar removal machine

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  • Model Number: Handro
  • Laser Type: None laser
  • Style: Portable
  • Feature: Scar removal, wrinkle removal
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support
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    Gold RF Microneedle uses vacuum adsorption technology to achieve safer beauty treatment effect. It releases the electric wave energy at the tip of "gold Microneedle" at the moment when it reaches the dermis, and directly injects the energy into the dermis. At the same time, it avoids the problem of traditional electric wave rushing after the energy enters the skin. It provides precise beauty treatment and brings natural healing process and cell induction to the skin through the stimulation of microneedles factor regeneration.

    Adelic Established in 2010, is a professional high-tech manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipments. We have our own Research & Development Department, Factory, International Sales Department, Overseas Distributors and After-sales.Ftech laser won numerous customers trust and support.
    Efficiency, innovation, integrity, dedication is the philosophy of Ftech laser group. We will keep working hard to be a respected medical beauty laser brand.



    without pigment
    The energy of RF plays a role in dermis directly, therefore, there is no heat summation on the dermis to avoid the possibility of blister and pigment precipitation problems.
    Without side effect
    The recovery time is short, such as red face will be decreased in 1-2days, the cutin will be dropped within 3-4days. It won’t affect the daily life after treatment. And the patient can clean face and make up directly after operation as usually.
    Two treatment methods
    There are two treatment ways with dual matrix tip and RF microneedle tip to meet the needs of different clients.



    Facial treatments: skin tightening, pore reduction, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, face lift; Body treatments: scars removal, stretch marks removal, body tightening.

    Operating voltage 100V or 200V, 50/60Hz
    Max power 30W±10%
    RF energy 1-4MHz±10%
    Intensity 10-30W(1 step)
    Repeat frequency 1-10Hz
    Needle size 0.3mm
    Needle types 9pins,25pins, 64pins; Microcrystal
    Depth 0.1-3.5mm (0.1 step)
    Treatment time 50ms - 950ms
    Energy density 10-150mj/cm
    Net weight 10kg

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