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60w Vaginal laser Equipment

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  • Model Number: Platin
  • Laser Type: 10600nm CO2 laser
  • Style: Vertical
  • Feature: Anti-aging, Various scars, Various scars etc.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support
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    Lattice laser is a new type of CO2 laser local therapy, which uses the most advanced microlens technology in the world. This technology can make the laser system produce a large number of micro ultra pulse beams. After these ultra pulse beams act on the skin tissue, they can form a diameter of 0.12 nm to 1.2 nm on the skin. The laser is divided into many micro arrays, and each treatment only peels or solidifies these points. Most areas remain normal. So the recovery is fast and the security is high.



    1. Mature lattice technology can not only regulate the lattice density, but also regulate the penetration depth, pulse width and energy of the lattice, and the positioning is more accurate and the treatment is more uniform.
    2. Adjustable pulse width, adjustable spot shape, size. According to the skin condition and treatment purpose of patients, personalized parameters can be designed and treated.
    3. The non sequential scanning technology can make the heat of adjacent tissues diffuse in time, and will not form heat accumulation, reduce thermal damage and reduce the possibility of various complications.
    4. The laser with high power and high power is more energy, faster treatment speed, shorter healing time, less damage around skin and better photochemical effect.
    5. Various scanning modes (sequence, middle division, disordered order) are suitable for different clinical operations.

    Laser type CO2 Laser
    Wavelength 10600nm
    Power 40W,60W for option
    Energy 10mj - 200mj, progress 2mj
    Each spot size 50um - 2000um (changing by lens cone)
    Spot Size:square 36pc (6x6), 144pc (12x12), 324pc (18x18), 441pc(21x21) /cm2
    Scan pattern size 10*10mm, 20*20mm
    Pulse width 0.1ms - 10ms
    Scanning mode Sequence mode, mid split mode, random mode
    Pulse duration 1ms - 100ms, progress 1ms
    Output mode continuous, fractional
    Fractional working mode Interval continuous working
    Light guiding system Korea imported 7 articular optical-arm
    Scan shape 7 kinds graphics: triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, round, oval, and DIY
    Cooling system Air cooling
    Voltage AC220V±10% 50HZ , 110v±10% 60HZ

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