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40w salon use scar removal equipment

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  • Model Number: Platin
  • Laser Type: 10600nm CO2 laser
  • Style: Vertical
  • Feature: Anti-aging, Various scars, Various scars etc.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support
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    Project advantages

    1. Magic treatment is harmless --- lattice laser system is used to ablate tissue. By using the laser's ablation effect on tissue, micro holes with a diameter of 60-80 microns can be made on the skin, with a spacing of 500 microns. These micro holes can be closed within one day after treatment, and are difficult to see with naked eyes. There are few oozing, bleeding and infection.
    2. Customized personalized treatment plan: lattice laser can customize personalized treatment plan according to personal needs. During the treatment, the diameter and depth of the micropore can be adjusted. Among all the lasers, only the treatment range of lattice laser can be adjusted by 5-100%, and a single treatment can produce significant effect.
    3. The skin can be recovered - during the treatment, matrix like white spots are formed on the parts directly penetrated by the laser. The skin around these dots immediately starts the horizontal repair mechanism, and within 8 hours, the epidermis will be completely healed, and you can wash your face and take a bath. After 3-6 days, the scab at the small white spot fell off and the skin returned to normal appearance. And the regeneration of collagen can be as long as 6 months, or even 6 years.
    4. Safety: due to the strong penetrating power and less trauma of the lattice laser, the uniform coverage of the lattice micropores is ensured, and the overlap of the light spots is avoided. Therefore, it is the most suitable laser for total facial treatment, so that your skin can quickly restore a smooth image.

    Laser type CO2 Laser
    Wavelength 10600nm
    Power 40W,60W for option
    Energy 10mj - 200mj, progress 2mj
    Each spot size 50um - 2000um (changing by lens cone)
    Spot Size:square 36pc (6x6), 144pc (12x12), 324pc (18x18), 441pc(21x21) /cm2
    Scan pattern size 10*10mm, 20*20mm
    Pulse width 0.1ms - 10ms
    Scanning mode Sequence mode, mid split mode, random mode
    Pulse duration 1ms - 100ms, progress 1ms
    Output mode continuous, fractional
    Fractional working mode Interval continuous working
    Light guiding system Korea imported 7 articular optical-arm
    Scan shape 7 kinds graphics: triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, round, oval, and DIY
    Cooling system Air cooling
    Voltage AC220V±10% 50HZ , 110v±10% 60HZ

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