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3D HIFU anti aging device

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  • Model Number: Vana
  • Laser Type: None laser
  • Style: Portable
  • Feature: Anti-aging, wrinkle removal
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support
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    What is the gold radio frequency microcrystal?

    The gold radio frequency microcrystal is the ingenious combination of micro crystal and radio frequency. The two word of "gold" originates from the microcrystalline gold coating and the coating is also golden yellow. At the time of treatment, the doctor according to the crystal position on Problems and treatment, adjust the depth of penetration and microcrystalline radiofrequency energy, then in the electronic control system, at the same time, dozens of insulating ceramics penetrate the skin quickly, from the micro crystal tip radiofrequency energy, then quickly exit, so the cycle until the treatment is finished, finally apply cosmetic ingredients.


    Action mechanism

    1. micro crystal mechanical stimulation, coupled with the biological effects of radio frequency and thermal stimulation, together to stimulate the skin's self repair system, to promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, the initiation of collagen and other new and rearrangement.

    2. microcrystalline penetration, open the skin quickly absorption channel, easy to cosmetic ingredients into the skin.

    3. the radio frequency energy emitted by the micro crystal tip can selectively destroy the hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands, inhibit inflammatory reaction and activate the anti-inflammatory and repair system.


    Face Treatment

    1.Non-surgical Face Lifting
    2.Wrinkle Reduction
    3.Skin Tightening
    4.Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)
    5.Pore Reduction
    6.Acne Scars Removal
    7.Blood Vessel Removal


    Body Treatment

    1.Scars Removal
    3.Stretch Marks Removal
    4.Spider Veins Removal (Veincure Option)


    1.Treatment with vacuum,more comfertable.
    2. Non Insulated Needles.
    It is possible to operate equal therapy to Epidermis Layer and Dermis Layer as the needle do not have Insulation Plating.
    3. Stepping Motor Type.
    Different to existing Solenoid Type, the needle inserts to the skin smoothly with no shock, and causes no bleeding and no pain after the procedure.
    4. Gold Plated Needles.
    Needle is durable and also has high Biocompatibility by applying Gold Plating. Patient with metal allergy could also use it with not concerning Contact Dermatitis.

    Frequency 4MHz
    Handpieces 1.5mm 3.0mm 4.5mm 8.0mm 13.0mm
    Gear Line 1-10 line adjustable
    Cartridge life 10,000 lines
    Energy 0.2-3.0J
    Length 5-25mm
    Pitch Length 1-5mm
    Width 0-10mm
    Pitch width 1~5mm
    Operation Mode Professional Mode or Recommended mode
    Operation System 15 inch color touching screen
    Power 100V or 230V.50/60Hz

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